Lenten Reflections 2021
by Dignity/Washington

Share in this Lenten season with Dignity members as we share reflections on the scripture in our own voices. With contributions from Dignity/Washington and individuals in other chapters across the US, we hope that in this year of physical distancing and inability to come together, you gain some connection and spiritual blessings from these truths. 

  1. as LGBTQ people of faith and allies, it is important to add our particular voices to the Lenten tradition;
  2. as a community in the Roman Catholic tradition but living in exile from the hierarchical Church, part of our vocation is to show the unity between our faith and the faith of other Catholics, as well as the symbiosis between our faith and our sexuality;
  3. and most of all, that the number of people suffering because they see their orientation and their spirituality as opposed to each other remains legion, and we have an opportunity and a responsibility to share our stories as a witness that this need not be the case.

Different members of our community shared their thoughts on Scripture, their stories, and their faith in order to make this booklet a reality.  It stands as witness against those who see people as somehow less due to their non-typical sexual or gender expression.  Over and over again, these writers have spoken of how their own experience of oppression and fear, when mixed with grace and with their faith, has helped them broaden their love for all of God’s people and given them courage to speak up not only for the LGBTQ community, but for the dignity of all.

We dedicate this work and these reflections to everyone who has struggled with their own sexuality and faith, as well as to anyone who is struggling with the sense that their lives somehow matter less than others.  We offer our stories as they intermingle with the Scriptures to raise up in faith a new generation of journey-ers, having been freed from oppression and slavery by God’s Love, who are walking together in search of (and to co-create) the Promised Land for which we are all destined.

In the years ahead, We hope to complete the liturgical cycle with additional LGBTQ Catholic resources such as this, so we may continue to learn and grow from our shared stories. Projects just like this one are only possible because of the generosity of people like you, our community members, and our family and friends. Please consider a donation to Dignity/Washington to help us continue such work by visiting www.dignitywashington.org/donate. We also welcome you to join us for Mass every Sunday online this Lenten season.

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